If you have repeatedly said to yourself that you need to go to Florida, but you haven’t done it before, you ought to start with the city called St. Petersburg. It is located on the West Coast, and it’s actually adjacent to a couple different bodies of water, allowing you to have fun on boats, jet skis, and even do a little snorkeling. There are several places in the city that you can go that you will have a lot of fun. Here are a couple of the top attractions that you need to consider.

Check Out The Breweries

One of the most popular tours that you can go on when you get to St. Petersburg is the Tampa Bay Brewery Tour’s from the downtown area. This is done through a company called Thirsty Pelican and you will get to experience some of the best micro breweries, taking you everywhere in first-class air-conditioned transportation.

Take A Tour Of The City

This can be done in a couple of different ways. First of all, you need to consider doing the Segway tours that are available. It will take you along the coastline of Tampa Bay, and then you will head over to St. Petersburg Pier, followed by a quick drive-by as you see Victorian homes. There are many historic sites that you will also travel by which the tour guide will tell you all about. You can also do this by bike if you prefer getting a little bit of exercise when you are on your vacation in the city.

Check Out A Few Museums

Of all of the museums that you need to see, the Dali Museum his one that everyone goes to. It has thousands of positive reviews. He was an artist that created surreal paintings that astound just about everyone, making Picasso look a little bit normal. There are other museums that you can see which will also have artwork, plus there will be sculptures and many other things. You can bring your kids to these if you want to educate them on the different types of art that have been made over the centuries, and they will certainly be inspired by what they see.

Traveling into Florida should always mandate a stop in St. Petersburg for all of these reasons. You can get to see the city, check out all of the activities on the water, and see some of the finest artwork in the world. There is no place like St. Petersburg in all of Florida, and if you haven’t been there, you should get busy and start booking your vacation as soon as you can.