St Petersburg Florida has a very unique contribution to Americana. From its own famous Manhattan Casino, which hosted great jazz musicians to its role embracing beat authors, its past formed its present, giving way to a flourishing arts scene even today.

The scene continues to embrace artists, with a thriving and close-knit artists community still calling St. Petersburg home. Meanwhile, the thriving independent galleries connect both artists and art lovers alike throughout the city’s landscape.

The larger-scale, global arts scene also has a place among the museums and the musicians as well even today. This is in large part to a continued effort and investment of both financial resources and passion in the latter portion of the 20th Century.

The last millennium was good to St. Petersburg. Even more so, the arts continued to thrive because of responsiveness and awareness on the part of those who have curated the arts in this city. They kept aware of trends in both the arts and in real estate.

For instance, as the old antiquated, but still very much usable and valued, old train station transitioned into the past, the space became the home to the arts.

The Morean Arts Center and its Center for Clay took the call and moved into the Historic Train Station. It is still within the Warehouse Arts District.

Meanwhile, Duncan McClellan led the way for artists to move into spaces that were once warehouse space.

Glass art is a big deal in St. Petersburg, led by McClellan. The Chihuly Collection showcases Dale Chihuly in its downtown area.

The world-famous Salvador Dali Museum sits near the waterfront in a building designed specifically to showcase the mind blowing art of Dali.

More recently, as of today, the n 2017, the American Arts & Crafts Movement museum has moved into its permanent location, also in downtown. It celebrates the early 20th Century contributions to American lives through the arts.

It is somewhat surprising for people who plan on coming to St. Petersburg for the sunshine. Though, for anyone looking for artists’s and art lovers’ havens in Florida, St. Petersburg is as good as the older, bigger cities for the art.

What’s even more appealing is that there are artists in St. Petersburg today who are honoring the traditions of the American artists who have come before them right in the same city within the same landscape.